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LAWNIFI GROW 0-2-1 32OZ (14)

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Lawnifi™ is a fertilization program designed to give your lawn what it needs to be healthy year round. Lawnifi™ is powered by Catalyst Absorption Technology, a nano manufacturing process that reduces the particle size of our fertilizers to increase the ability of the plant to take in the nutrients it needs. This process means using less fertilizer to get better results which is good for your lawn and the environment. Each 32oz bottle covers the same area as a typical 25lb bag of granular fertilizer! Lawnifi™ is safe to use on all grass types including St. Augustine, Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, Bluegrass, and Tall Fescue.

For Enhanced Establishment of Sod or Seed
Start with Grow for enhanced establishment of new sod and seed. Designed for sodding, sprigging and seeding where soils lack the nutrients required for fast establishment. Rooting, plant strength and resistance to stress will all be enhanced with Grow. Grow is designed to 1) enhance microbial activity in the soil through micronutrients, carbon, and amino acids. 2) provide new sod roots what they need to grow. It is not intended to promote top growth or green up. It is also the product that we recommend be used in the fall prior to dormancy or snow cover to provide the plant rootzone the nutrients needed for winter and a successful start to spring.

Attach your sprayer to the end of the garden house. This one quart bottle covers 5,000 sq. ft. of lawn or landscape. For best results apply in morning or evening during the coolest part of the day. Do not water for four hours after applying. Pull back tab and rotate nozzle to activate sprayer. Use moderate water pressure, typically one turn from full pressure in most systems. The spray should be uniform and at optimal pressure the bottle should last approximately six minutes. Walk at a steady pace overlapping rows. When using Grow for new sod or seed – apply to the soil prior to planting and then to the sod after laying.
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